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HDCP compliance issue troubleshooting


Approximately 2 months ago I upgraded my equipment to the new Genie with a Genie Mini. TV's were also upgraded and both are Samsung Series 45 LED units and are said to be fully HDCP compliant.  The Genie (Primary receiver) is working flawlessly but the Mini continues to randomly display a message saying I need to change from the HDMI cables to a component cable connection.  This issue does not always appear and sometimes the system will work fine for an hour or more (on the same channel) before it pops up.  This doesn't happen just on premium channels or PPV movies but does seem to happen only when watching a HD broadcast.  Need help trying to determine where to troubleshoot.......receiver, TV or HDMI cable.  Genie mini only has HDMI and SVid connections so how would I change to component?