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Random, brief pixelation and sound cutting out on HD channels


This issue has been going on for many months now, which is very annoying. The sporadic pixelation and sound cutting out is just annoying enough to miss a couple of important words of any given dialogue. This happens every 2-10 minutes. I called and had tech support check my system and everything checks out okay.  It happens on the both DVR recordings and on live tv, so I know it is the signal coming in to the receiver and not the HDMI. I changed out all the coax from the receiver to the dish and the dish signal is 97-99%. The only thing left to be causing this is the SWM module inside the house or the LNB on the dish. How can I get these items sent to me. I also just received a new HR/44 receiver yesterday and the issue continues, so that is not the problem either.