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DVR playback issues-pixellation on HR 34


Been dealing with somewhat random pixellation/digital noise on my DVR recordings for quite some time now.  Primarily CNBC, occasionally on local CBS and now sometimes on Discovery.  It used to be much worse in that it was longer duration of its "fits" making programs unwatchable. Now it's just making them unenjoyable.


As we approach prime time startup I am out of or near out of contract, have my DVR volumes reduced and thinking it's time to get to the bottom of this.  As I understand most have found that the only fix is the HR44 receiver.  DTV customer service was worthless when I called.  They said they'd just send another HR 34.


Option 1 is get pissy with DTV


Option 2 is start a new service under different name (easy enough to do here)


Option 3 is go to Dish