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Cannot use directv.com or phone apps to schedule programs to record


I got directv services again yesterday 8/16/14. Everything is working great in the house.  I have the Genie connected to the internet and all internet capabilities seem to be working within the house on both boxes.  I can access internet apps such as YouTube with no issues.  The box states it's connected to the internet when you look at info.

When I access my account information and go to my equipment. It states my Model: HR44-500 is NOT connected to the internet.  I also can't go to the program guide on directv.com and schedule a recording.  When I try to schedule from directv.com it says try again later.


Phone technical support was completely useless.  One person didn't even know this feature existed. 


To me it sounds like a port forwarding issue on my router, although I don't know what ports are required for the box if any. The call center tech was not able to kick off the system status test remotely which leads me to believe the box can't be seen outside of my home network.