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Select a Server


Literally have had Directv for two days and already a problem.  Not a fan so far.


On my living room TV which has the little Genie box, I am getting "select a server".  My bigger Genie box (no idea what to call them each) is working fine.  I have searched all over the internet and reset the red buttons on both, reset my modem and router, unplugged it, still not working.  I dread having to calling in on my second day!  Any other suggestions?

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    Usually resetting both the Genie server and client box will solve this.   When you the "select a server" message, is there anything on the screen that you can actually select?  If not, then the installer did something wrong and you should call DirecTV to send a tech back to fix this for you.  No charge.

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    If resetting doesn't fix it then call directv back. Seems like you have a bad genie server. The faster you do this the better usually. I had the same issue when my Genie was installed. I got another HR44 and it has been virtually perfect since.