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SME ODU Technology and RF Signals


Appreciate any response on these.

1. Are DirectTV satrellite dishes only receiving signals or do they transmit them as well? I would be concerend with transmitting RF or other electrical signals. Are the DirectTV dishes truly passive and non-transmitting?

2. Do all of the new DirectTV satellite dishes use the SMU ODU technology? Does the signal sent to the receivers happen via only coaxial cable or does it employ wireless RF signals? I would be concerend about RF signals, as I do NOT want wireless technology in my home.

3. If I only use one receiver and hence one TV to receive the DirectTV signal, do I need the SMU ODU device? Or, does DirectTV have single coaxial cables that connect directly to the LNB horn?


Thanks in advance.

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    1.Truly passive and non-transmitting


    2. Only coax is used. The remotes can use both IR or RF so make sure the tech knows that you want IR and if you want an  internet connection for ON Demand tell the tech to use the wired DECA BB.


    3.Both Genies are SWM (Single wire multiswitch) only, other receivers can use either the 2 coax system or the SWM, but the SWM is easier to install.