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Switching between external HD and internal HD?


I apologize if this has been asked and answered, I was only able to find an answer to part of my question.


I'm a bit behind on my TV shows and I have a few full seasons of shows recorded on the internal HD of my HR-44.  I understand that if I connect an external HD via eSATA and reboot the DVR, it will then record to the external HD.  If I want to access the recordings on the internal HD, I'd need to disconnect the external HD and reboot the DVR.  My question is.. What happens to the recordings on the external HD when I reconnect it to the DVR?  Does the HD get reformatted when it gets reconnected?  I know it gets reformatted if I connect it to a different DVR, but what if its the same one?


I guess that was a long, drawn out way of asking, is it possible to switch between the internal and external HDs without losing recordings?