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I just wanted to respond to the post about the pixelation, freezing during replay of recording


I had this trouble with my original Genie HD recorder.  Last month I had it replaced due to freezing in guide and playlist.

But on both recorders, every morning between 8 am and 9 am, I get the same pixelation ABC Good Morning America.

Top of the second hour, the problem starts. So 2 different recorders, so it must be ABC. And probably got a refurbished recorder.

Also the replacement Genie reception is not as good as original, tech come out again to correct, best attempts,

but still not as original. Also when I ordered the replacement under protection plan, lady

set it up where a tech would come and install it since I am disabled.  He got approval to take the old recorder with him,

and when I reviewed my bill due Aug 25th, I was shocked I  had a $217 bill on auto pay...quickly called and found out

the tech didn't turn in my receiver..I am displeased with this company, have to wait 5-10 for service calls,

have to wait two 2 months for credits to process. My loving DirectV is diminishing as time goes by.