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Why is it that almost every other television service provider offers Watchespn but directv does not?? The "world wide leader in sports" shouldn't be dropping the ball on offering this.  When I called to directv to see what could be done about the game I wanted to watch that was only carried on Time warner or ESPN3 I was told that they could sell me a college football package. I was like ok but other providers offer this for free, but I listened.  it was around $100 and it didn't carry the game I wanted anyways.  I am at directv for the sports channels but this is really making me reconsider my thinking, I want watch espn really badly am I am frustrated by this.  Even Dish Network gets it now!!! Really???  Why pay the money for a television service provider that is supposed to supply you with sports if you cant watch the games you want to watch? Directv please get this done so I can watch my games.

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    Totally get where you're coming from. It's a rights issue and it's being worked on. Hope to have news on this in the near future.

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      wstegemann wrote back in late August:


      Totally get where you're coming from. It's a rights issue and it's being worked on. Hope to have news on this in the near future.


      How long can this possibly take?  How is it that 120 other rights distributors have negotiated this with ESPN but DirecTV has not?  DirecTV has in the past called itself the #1 sports provider.  Clearly not.  I don't think the argument that ESPN doesn't negotiate mid-contract holds water.  But just in case it does/did,  I wrote directly to DirecTV back on 9/15/14  and specifically asked when their agreement with ESPN was due to be renegotiated.  Of course their reply was "unable to comment".   I'd really be torked at this point for it not for my cable provider (Cox) allowing ESPN3 to stream to at least my PCs.  But of course nothing to cell phones, tablets, or Roku devices, even while they're operating in my residence. 

      Does anybody have a clue when this will be settled one way or another?

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      I have been inquiring for about two years now regarding Watch ESPN. Just recently inquired about the Fox Sports App too. Would have been nice to watch MLB playoffs for NL. At least I watched AL playoffs on TBS. More than rights issue... Someone mentioned it won't be discussed until next contract. My contract with DirecTV runs out in February 2015. My cable company provides this option. I am seriously considering the switch. I somehow don't think all of the other providers waited until contract renewal time. Changes to contracts are made all of the time...why not now? if that's the case.

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    As has been stated multiple times complete with links to proof of it, Disney will NOT provide access to the Watch apps outside of the renewal of the contract. Prior to 2010 ESPN3 was an ISP only product called ESPN 360, last time DirecTV renewed their contract that didn't even exist. Most ISPs made deals for ESPN 360 and later ESPN3, but for whatever reason Time Warner and their lapdog Bright House along with Optimum restrict it to those with TV subscriptions. Maybe you should be asking Time Warner why are they blocking you from accessing ESPN3, something internet only subscribers of providers like Comcast, Verizon, Cox and Charter have no problem accessing.



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      Wouldn't the whole "renegotiate" argument have lost validity when they negotiated for the SEC Network?  It was an ADD without renegotiation.

      My thoughts are that DirecTV is not overly interested in paying much of anything for it, as it is no value to them - allows you to watch content without using their hardware.

      I have been a subscriber for YEARS, but this kind of thing frustrates me with them.  DISH is getting a leg up on them more and more with this kind of thing - but I'll go back to cable before I go DISH.

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    I agree completely.   The drop down menu for "Select Provider" has like 120 networks listed.....but no DIRECTV. Are you kidding me???????


    Dear DirecTV,

    Get your act together.



    Your Disappointed Customer

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      Why not call and complain to Disney which is the one holding things up????

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        Dear Mr. Banks,

        Please let us use WatchESPN on our iPads!




        Or....here's a better idea:


        How about Directv call Disney and tell them to stop holding things up? After all, it is their job and we are the customer.

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          rbclinke wrote:


          Or....here's a better idea:


          How about Directv call Disney and tell them to stop holding things up? After all, it is their job and we are the customer.

          DirecTV® have tried, Disney is not allowing until the contract s  renewed.  Disney had never allow the EW apps mid contract to any MVPD

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          every provider goes through negotiations, to think changing providers will help that is funny.

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        I think that Directv is providing satellite service to us at a substantial cost, so why is it our place to contact Disney?

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    Another US Open Tennis Championship!  And as much as Direct TV touts their multiple court feature, now as we get into the second week,  the multiple court features expire and the bigger networks control what feeds are broadcast.  So now major 4th round and QFs and probably SFs are going to take place simultaneously and they are going to say,  go to ESPN3 for the action.   I've been with Century Link as ISP for years.  I have requested repeatedly that they provide ESPN streaming media.  At one time they said they hoped to get a contract, but that was 3 years ago.  This last time they said it was a problem with ESPN.  I'm seeking a response from Direct to find out which ISPs in the Portland area will bundle that can provide me with ESPN 3.  I now have Smart TV and would REALLY like to take advantage of the technology and have gotten tired of getting dismissed.  I've been loyal and patient for so long and have expressed willingness to pay extra for access to the streaming media.  The lack of movement on this issue makes me wonder is this just a problem for myself and about seven other people who appear on this post?   Because if that's the case Century Link, Direct TV, and whoever powers that be will not miss our $ at the end of the month when we figure out a way to drop them.

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      Only Time Warner and RCN internet customers get ESPN 3, so go ahead, change to any other company, and expect to be let down if you only have TV/internet for ESPN 3. 

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        Actually there are more. I have Charter Communications and they have ESPN3.com. I have watched several games already. Charter also has WatchESPN, therefore changing providers would help me out with what I want to do.

        DirecTV is a great company...but my last discussion they were trying to push me towards Genie, which I do not want to do. ESPN and DirecTV just need to work it out soon.

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    We've been with Directv for 1.5 years so far. At 3 months I find out they don't have Pac12 channel, because they cannot negotiate an agreement. Just last week I tried to use WatchESPN and find again Directv can not solve negotiation issues. Now I'm watching Walking Dead and in the middle of the show AMC rolls an announcement that their contract is in jeopardy due to stalls in negotiations. If there had only been one negotiation issue I wouldn't be so concerned, but the problems are stacking up. for my watching purposes, Directv programming is becoming seriously compromised. I will be considering other options when our contract is up.

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      AMC's contract still has over 6 months, they just have a record breaking show that is giving them leverage to ask for more money from consumers for their programming.  If you think changing providers will get you away from contract negotiations, you are wrong.  SuddenLink is without Viacom programming right now, and DISH is currently without Turner channels (TNT, TBS, TMC, TruTV, etc).  Negotiations happen with every company, if you fall into the broadcaster issue and change companies over a negotiation, you will lose in the end, because the other company will come into negotiations as well.

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        You make the comment that "if you fall into the broadcaster issue and change companies over a negotiation, you will lose in the end."  All I can say is this, I was with AT&T uVerse for six years.  I switched to Direct TV because they had the NFL Sunday Ticket.  I assumed I would still get all the other stuff that made me happy at uVerse.  I was WRONG.  You know the saying, the grass is always greener...Before switching, I got all the things you folks are asking about, including Watch ESPN. Now all i can do is hope that one day....  Believe me, after my CONTRACT is up I'll be leaving DTV faster than you can say "seeya!!!!!!!!!!!"

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          I have been a Directv customer for more than 12 years but, as they continue to fall behind the competition, it is becoming harder it is to remain loyal. When my friends and neighbors who have Comcast or Dish can stream many times more channels on their devices than Directv, access major apps like FOXSportsGo and WatchESPN, and have thousands more on-demand choices, it is hard to see any advantage, other than a very expensive Sunday Ticket package, in staying with Directv. Like many Americans, my television viewing has changed and I watch a lot of programs and sports events on my phone and tablet. Directv is the worst provider in my area for that. I don't care why Directv can't get a deal done to support apps like FOXSportsGo and WatchESPN or why they have minimal out-of-home streaming and on demand options. All I know and care is Directv does not offer this support or services. As much as I would like to continue with Directv, my loyalty ends when I'm expected to be content with an inferior product. Hopefully Directv is able to step it up before my agreement with them expires in May or I will be looking elsewhere for my television provider. If it comes to that, hopefully the grass is greener on that side of the fence. 

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    Other providers are catching up to DirecTV in the sports department. They better hurry and make a move. Not having Dodger Baseball is making me considering leaving after having them since 1998. NFL Sunday Ticket is great, but football itself is becoming soft, and with good reason, with all the concussion reports and other injuries. May not be as popular in a few years, if rule changes keep doing what they are doing to the current game, not to mention the players run ins with the law. Bottom line to me is it makes no sense to pay what I'm paying if I'm not getting the programming I want, others do provide it.

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    It is has been reported and discussed for a long time now the earliest Directv customers would be able to access all of the channels on WatchESPN (along with WatchABC, WatchABC Family, Disney, Disney Jr, Disney XD) on mobile and streaming devices would be when Directv and Disney negotiated a new agreement. Does anyone have a clue if these negotiations are taking place?

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      I would like to get that answer too. I thought the Disney Contract ran out the last of this month. You would think somebody at Directv could at least say when the contract expires. I'm really frustrated over the lack of having WatchESPN and SECN+ networks. I have already missed several SEC basketball games that were on SECN+. This kind of reminds me of the different SEC sporting events that we missed out on when CSS was still in existence.

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    Here are all the providers that allow you to watch ESPN on your mobile but DirecTV does not.  I've been a subscriber for about 15 years and I can't tell you how much it bums me out to miss so many games because I have DirecTV and not one of these providers:


    3 Rivers Communications

    Website: http://www.3rivers.net/



    Access Montana










    Acme Communications





    Algona Municipal Utilities

    Website: www.netamu.com



    All West Communications





    Alliance Communications





    ALLO Communications





    Alpine Communications

    Website: www.alpinecom.net



    American Broadband

    Website: www.abbnebraska.com



    Arkwest Communications






    Website: http://www.armstrongmywire.com/








    Ashland Home Net










    AT&T U-verse

    Website: http://www.att.com



    ATC Broadband





    ATC Communications





    Atlantic Broadband

    Website: http://www.atlanticbb.net



    Baldwin Telecom, Inc.





    Ballard TV





    Bardstown Cable TV





    Bay Country Communications

    Phone: 410-901-2224

    Website: www.bcctv.com



    Bay Creek Communications





    Beaver Valley Cable





    BEK TV

    Website: http://www.bektel.com








    Blue Ridge Communications

    Website: http://www.mybrctv.com



    Brandenburg Telephone Co.

    Website: www.bbtel.com



    Bright House Networks

    Website: http://brighthouse.com/corporate/support/contact



    Bristol Tennessee Essential Services

    Website: www.btes.net








    BTC Communications





    Butler-Bremer Communications





    C Spire





    Cable Services Inc.





    Cable TV of East Alabama

    Website: ctvea.net



    Cable TV of Stanton










    Cam-Tel Company





    Cameron Communications

    Website: www.camtel.com



    Canby Telcom

    Website: www.canby.com



    CapRock Tv





    Carnegie Cable





    CAS Cable

    Website: www.cascable.net








    CC Communications

    Website: www.cccomm.net



    CDE Lightband

    Website: www.clarksvillede.com



    Cedar Falls Utilities

    Website: www.cfu.net/internet



    Celect-Bloomer Telephone Area





    Celect-Bruce Telephone Area





    Celect-Citizens Connected Area





    Celect-Elmwood Spring Valley Area





    Celect-West WI Telephone Area






    Website: www.centracom.com



    CenturyLink Prism

    Website: http://www.centurylink.net




    Website: http://www.charter.com



    Chatmoss Cablevision





    Chesapeake Bay Communications





    Chippewa Valley Cable





    Cim-Tel Cable, LLC.





    Citizens Cablevision - Floyd, VA





    Citizens Cablevision, Inc.





    Citizens Telecom





    Citizens Telephone Corporation










    Clarence Telephone and Cedar Communications






    Website: www.click1.net



    Clinton Cable Inc.





    CML Telephone Cooperative Association






    Website: www.cns-internet.com



    Co-Mo Connect





    Coaxial Cable TV





    Colo Telephone Company





    Columbia Power & Water Systems





    Columbus Telephone





    Comcast XFINITY

    Website: http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/








    Community Communications Company






    Website: www.comporium.com




    Website: www.myconsolidated.net



    Consolidated Communications

    Website: www.mycci.net



    Conway Corporation






    Website: http://ww2.cox.com



    Crestview Cable Communications





    Cross TV





    Crosslake Communications





    CTC - Brainerd MN

    Website: www.ctctelcom.net



    Cunningham Telephone & Cable





    Dakota Central Telecommunications





    Delta Telephone Company





    Direct Communications Cable

    Website: www.directcom.com




    Website: http://www.dish.com



    Duo County Telecom





    Eagle Communications





    East Arkansas Cable TV





    EATEL Video, LLC





    Emery Telcom Video LLC





    Endeavor Communications





    Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation










    EPB Fiber Optics





    EPB Smarnet





    EPlus Broadband

    Website: http://eplusbroadband.com



    Etex Communications





    Falcon Broadband

    Website: www.falconbroadband.net



    Fayetteville Public Utilities





    Fidelity Communications





    Flint River Communications





    Frankfort Plant Board

    Website: www.fewpb.comt



    Franklin Telephone Company










    GBT Communications, Inc.










    Giant Communications





    Glasgow Electric Plant Board





    Glenwood Telecommunications LLC.

    Website: www.shopglenwood.net



    GLW Broadband





    Golden West Cablevision

    Website: www.goldenwest.com



    Google Fiber

    Website: https://fiber.google.com/about/



    Grande Communications

    Website: http://grandecom.com



    Great Plains Communications





    Harlan Municipal Utilities





    Hart Communications, Inc.

    Website: www.hartcom.net



    Hawaiian Telcom





    Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative





    Hickory Telephone Company





    Highland Communication Services





    Hinton CATV Co.





    HomeTel Entertainment, Inc.





    Hood Canal Communications





    Hope - Prescott Cable TV





    Horizon Cable TV, Inc.





    HTC Communications, Inc. - IA





    Huxley Communications





    ImOn Communications





    Inland Networks





    Innovative Cable TV St Croix





    Innovative Cable TV St Thomas-St John





    Inside Connect Cable





    Interstate Telecommunications Coop





    Kalida Telephone Company, Inc.





    Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company










    KPU Telecommunications





    Kuhn Communications Inc.










    Laurel Highland Total Communications





    Limestone Cable / Bracken Cable










    LocalTel Communications





    Longview - Kilgore Cable TV





    Lost Nation-Elwood Telephone Co.





    Lumos Networks





    Madison Communications





    Madison County Cable Inc.





    Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company





    McClure Telephone Company

    Website: http://www.mccluretelephone.com/television









    Website: http://www.mediacomcc.com



    Merrimac Communications Ltd.















    Mid-Hudson Cable





    Mid-Rivers Communications





    Midcontinent Communications

    Website: http://www.midcocomm.com



    Midstate Communications





    Milford Communications





    Morris Broadband

    Website: http://www.morrisbroadband.com



    MTA Communications, LLC





    MTC Technologies










    MTCO Communications

    Website: www.mtco.com/?internet&high-speed-internet



    Mulberry Telephone Company





    MUS FiberNET





    Muscatine Power and Water










    Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc.





    Nelson Telephone Cooperative





    Nemont Communications Inc

    Website: www.nemont.net/



    NewWave Communications

    Website: http://www.nwcable.net








    NineStar Connect










    Nortex Communications





    North Central Telephone Cooperative





    Northland Communications





    Northwest Communications





    Norwood Light Broadband





    Nsight Telservices











    Website: nulinkdigital.com



    OneSource Communications





    Opelika Power Services

    Website: http://www.opelikapower.com




    Website: www.dutil.com/optilink/dalton_index.php




    Website: http://www.optimum.net



    OTEC Communication Company





    Park Region Telephone & Otter Tail Telcom





    Paul Bunyan Communications





    Pembroke Telephone Company





    Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative





    Phonoscope Cable





    Pine Bluff Cable TV





    Pinpoint Communications





    Pioneer Communications





    Pioneer DTV





    Pottawatomie Telephone Co.





    Premier Communications

    Website: www.mypremieronline.com













    Rainier Connect





    Ralls Technologies






    Website: http://www.rcn.com



    Red River Rural Telephone Association

    Website: http://www.rrt.net



    Reedsburg Utility Commission





    Reliance Connects





    Reserve Telecommunications





    Resort TV Cable





    River Valley Telecommunications Coop





    RMA Broadband & Cable TV





    Rock Port Cablevision





    RTC Communication Corp





    SCI Broadband-Savage Communications Inc.





    Scottsboro Electric Power Board

    Website: http://www.scottsboropower.com








    Service Electric Cablevision





    Service One Cable TV dba Clear Choice






    Website: http://www.shentel.net



    Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association, Inc.





    Silver Star Communications





    Sjoberg's Inc.

    Website: www.mncable.net



    SkyBest TV






    Website: http://www.smithville.com








    South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative





    South Holt Cablevision





    South Slope Cooperative Communications





    Spencer Municipal Utilities

    Phone: 712-580-5800

    Website: www.smunet.net



    SRT Communications, Inc.

    Website: www.srt.com




    Website: http://www.suddenlink.com



    Sumner Cable TV





    Surry TV PCSI TV





    Sweetwater Cable Television Co





    Tahlequah Cable TV





    TCT West, Inc.





    Tele-Media Company





    The Community Agency





    Time Warner Cable

    Website: http://www.timewarnercable.com/contact



    Tri County Communications Cooperative





    Troy Cablevision, Inc.

    Website: www.troycable.net













    Tullahoma Utilities Board










    Twin Valley





    ***** Telephone Company





    US Sonet





    USA Communications





    USA Communications/Shellsburg, IA





    Valley Telecommunications





    Valparaiso Broadband





    Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.





    Verizon FiOS

    Website: http://verizon.com/myverizon



    Vernon Communications





    Vicksburg Video





    Vision Communications





    Volcano Vision, Inc.





    Vyve Broadband





    Wabash Mutual Telephone Company





    Waitsfield Cable





    Walnut Communications





    Wave Broadband





    West Carolina Communications





    West Central Telephone Association





    West River Cooperative Telephone Company





    Western Iowa Networks





    Whidbey Telecom

    Website: www.whidbeytel.com



    White County Cable TV





    Wilson Communications










    Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association






    Website: http://www.wowway.net/index.php








    WTC Communications, Inc





    Yadtel Telecom

    Website: http://www.yadtel.net



    Zito Media

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      I appreciate you posting this list. It makes the situation even more disheartening when I look at the list of all the providers that do support the WatchESPN app. I've read all the reasons why Directv doesn't support WatchESPN but that doesn't change the fact that Directv is the only major provider that does not support the WatchDisney family of apps that includes WatchESPN and millions of Directv customers are unable to watch programming on what is a popular service.

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    Seriously thinking about going to Dish.  I'm tired of missing games.  Listen to your customers or loose them.

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    Here is a report that provides the latest details. Disney and Directv have been negotiating since end of September without reaching an agreement. Since every major carrier was able to work out a deal with Disney, I lay the blame squarely at the feet of Directv.


    DirecTV, Disney Continue Carriage Negotiations | Multichannel

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    They really need to hurry up and get this rolled out.  I missed out on my favorite college team's football AND basketball games today on "the #1 provider for sports", both of which I would have been able to watch with virtually any other provider.

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      Maybe because they are #1 for sports with the Sunday Ticket (only company to provide) and the extra features/apps around the sports networks.  You keep crying about not being able to watch online, you can still watch on your TV which is what DIRECTV is #1 at.     Its not DIRECTV that has to wait to update, its ESPN, their site is the one excluding DIRECTV.

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    I have to agree with vcize, there were several times over the New Years, that ESPN would say "follow on ESPN 3 until ...." The problem is we don't know who is holding what up. I know I was somewhere without TV, that I could have seen it on ESPN watch. Sorry lappa, I have to respectfully disagree, It's not about flipping over your TV channel. It's about a product that is available on DISH and all sorts of cable providers. Having said all that, I recently updated my contract with Direct TV, before the ESPN watch announcement they edged out DISH, once the get this ironed out, they should be solid #1 in my opinion. The only think keeping my bother-in-low from switching is horse racing choices. One battle at a time. We are never happy. :-)

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      We switched to DirecTV on December 1st. I resisted mainly because of ESPN3 not being available, along with local news & weather (with people talking, etc.) Sure glad DirecTV is finally able to provide even if it cost more. The whole package is less than the cable company was charging.

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    • Re: WatchESPN

      From the press release, I thought that part was done.

    • Re: WatchESPN

      The negotiations are over. An agreement has been reached between Disney and Directv. That is what the headline "Directv and the Walt Disney Company Sign Expansive Agreement" of the December press release means.


      The press release also addresses ESPN3: "but they [Directv customers] will now be able to access it [Disney channels] on digital platforms through our authenticated WATCH products as well as receive new services as part of their subscription, including Fusion, Longhorn Network, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Buzzer Beater and ESPN3 also on television.”

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    ESPN3 is an internet-based only channel available from ESPN and is available to customers of certain internet providers only. It is not available on cable or satellite.

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    According @DirectvService on twitter, WatchESPN will be available "sometime this month"

    DIRECTV Service on Twitter: We don't have an exact date yet, but tentatively it will be available sometime…

    • Re: WatchESPN

      well that is from twitter,that not an official directv website,what i suggest is to visit directvpromise.com. to know all about any contract negotiations

      • Re: WatchESPN
        1. The link announcing Directv and Disney have reached an agreement is from Directv investor site not twitter. Here is the link again DIRECTV - DIRECTV and The Walt Disney Company Sign Expansive Agreement
        2. The twitter account @DirectvService is official Directv communication. @DirectvService was very helpful to me in dealing with an issue a few months ago. Here is the link https://twitter.com/directvservice

        The deal is done and, according to an official Directv source, Directv customers will likely have access to the WatchABC family of apps including WatchESPN sometime this month. If you have valid information that contradicts this please post the link because I am interested in seeing it. 

  • Re: WatchESPN

    Oregon vs. Ohio State National championship game is on right now.  Satellite is out from a storm but luckily it's available on WatchESPN!  Of course, I can't watch it there because I have the aforementioned DirecTV.


    DirecTV is literally the only provider in the entire country I could have right now where I can't watch the championship game.  Way to go "leading provider for sports".


    Now that they've agreed to terms, what the heck is taking so long to get our damned access up already?  I so wish I wasn't under contract right now.

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    It looks like we are going to have to wait several more weeks for Directv to support WatchESPN. According to a press release from ESPN Media Zone about the Longhorn Network:


    "In addition, DIRECTV customers who receive LHN as part of their satellite service will soon be able to enjoy the network’s exclusive live events and content via WatchESPN on their computers, smartphones, tablets and connected devices – at home or on the go. DIRECTV is expected to offer WatchESPN beginning in late February or early March and will be available on DIRECTV Everywhere shortly thereafter."


    Longhorn Network to Launch Nationwide On DIRECTV Jan. 21 - ESPN MediaZone ESPN MediaZone

  • Re: WatchESPN

    The most recent comment from Directv is reported in this USA and are not as definite as previous ones. Today article. Directv spokesman Robert Mercer says that WatchESPN and Fox Sports Go will be available to Directv customers "in the first of this year" That could still mean late February or early March but it could also mean June.



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    I loaded down the Watch ESPN app. I run it every now and then to check the drop down box to see if we are now in it. I still say the first person to post the this thread once we can connect, get a at-a-boy.

    • Re: WatchESPN

      My guess is when the door opens for Directv subscribers there will be an app update. But I do what you do; I have downloaded Watch ESPN, Watch ABC, Watch ABC Family, and Watch Disney in anticipation of finally being able to log on and watch.


      Edit: Maybe there will not be an app update before Directv subscribers are allowed to log in. I don't recall an update but Directv subscribers are now able to log into Fox Sports Go. Nice job DTV!

      • Re: WatchESPN

        I bet we don't have to upgrade the app, I bet they will just update the web page, and we will be in the drop down box.

        I just downloaded Fox Sports Go, and it said Directv is not access to fox go. So you were able to log on. It asked for my name and email address, it said it will send me an email when it is ready.


        1. You were able to sign in?

        2. I wish ESPN would do the email thing also. :-)

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          OK folks, the day has come.  Watch ESPN is now available to DIRECTV® subscribers!  DIRECTV® is now listed as one of the providers. 

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            First, peds48 wins the prize of nothing for being the first to post ESPN is on. :-)


            What about coach comment on Fox Go. I could not log on. Is that being turn on by region maybe?

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              As of this morning, DIRECTV owners of the iPad tablet and iPhone smart phone (which have iOS operating systems) could access the app, but Windows-based operating systems and Android operating systems had yet to be updated to include DIRECTV. They are expected to updated soon.


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                That's it, I am android. :-)

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                  Android works now.

                  • Re: WatchESPN

                    Just tried the app on my android S5 again. I uninstalled, went to play store and re-installed it. Still no DirectTV. I did go to the web site and it did let me log on. If you go to Play Store, the app does not show DirectTV either. I guess I could try and post something there. What phone do you have? OS Version? Mine is 4.4.4

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                      I'm using a Samsung Note 3 w/Android v 4.4.4.


                      No problem here.

                      • Re: WatchESPN

                        I think I know the confusion. My bad, I was responding to Coach's post about Foxs Sports Go and ped48 pointed out that it is only supported on the iOS in his link. Thats when I said I had an android and it explains why I can not connect to Fox Sports Go. I can connect to the WatchESPN.


                        So to be clear, you are talking about WatchESPN and not Fox's Sports Go. Correct?

                        If right, then you should have issue with Fox Sport Go.


                        Again, sorry.

                        • Re: WatchESPN

                          Your are correct - WatchESPN is a go.  FSGO is still a FSNOGO

                          • Re: WatchESPN

                            For Android and Windows.  For iOS both are good to go...

                            • Re: WatchESPN

                              As of this posting (11;45 pm, est) Fox Sports Go is still NOT available to DIRECTV subscribers.

                              • Re: WatchESPN

                                My bad, I stand, or sit actually, corrected.  coachbulldog called me out on my post saying that i should do some trouble shooting as he was able to log on and watch FOX Sports.  I just went back to my Samsung Note 3 and tried again.  My mistake was that I assumed that i would need to choose a provider at "TV Provided Sign In".  DIRECTV is NOT on the list.  In fact, there are no providers that even start with the letter "D."   If you ignore this step and simply click on the program you wish to watch - VOILA!! it works!


                                My bad, coachbulldog.

                                • Re: WatchESPN

                                  That's interesting. I just tried it on mine. If you click on one of the programs that the app starts with, yes it will open, but switch over to Fox sports 2, you have to log in. I sent an email yesterday and below is the thread.....


                                  Direct TV not on App.
                                  Discussion Thread
                                  Response Via Email (Daniel)02/19/2015 01:17 PM
                                  Unfortunately there is no date or ETA we can provide and there is no work around except using the other devices we previously mentioned. Once they are available, you won't need to update the app.


                                  Thank you for visiting FOXSports.com.


                                  FOXSports.com Customer Support Team
                                  Customer By Email02/19/2015 01:10 PM
                                  1. Do you have an ETA?
                                  2. Is there a way other than running Play Store and trying it?
                                  3. If I have it loaded, will it update when you update the version in Play


                                  On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 2:39 PM, Mobile User Feedback <
                                  mobile@support.foxsports.com> wrote:




                                  Response Via Email (Daniel)02/19/2015 12:39 PM


                                  My name is Daniel with the FOXSports.com Customer Support Team. Unfortunately DirecTV is only currently available on iOS devices and through web streaming on a computer.


                                  Thank you for visiting FOXSports.com.


                                  FOXSports.com Customer Support Team
                                  Auto-Response02/19/2015 12:10 PM



                                  Thank you for contacting FOX Sport Mobile Support Team.


                                  We have received your message and will respond shortly.


                                  Thank you for visiting FOXSports.com


                                  The FOX Sports Support Team

                                  Customer By Email02/19/2015 12:10 PM
                                  I was told on the Direct TV forum that they had added, but after
                                  un-installing and re-installing it still is not there. I have a Galaxy S5,
                                  Android version 4.4.4.
                                  Does this sound right? Am I doing something wrong?


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  • Re: WatchESPN

    Not sure if this will work for your situation.  But I use ESPN app on my XBOX 360 via Gold membership.  Before I could only watch ESPN3.  I checked again today and now DIRECTV is offered as a provider for WatchESPN.  I think they literally included Directv the past week.  It took forever but I can now watch all the ESPN networks offered on my Xbox.