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Fri, Jan 4, 2019 2:43 AM


0033:The customer is not authorized for the content requested

This is the message I receive after trying to log on to my direct TV account to watch local sports on NBC Bay Area.  I have never had an issue in years prior when I leave town and want to watch my local teams on my computer or even phone.  Was a great feature to have but now I'm stuck spending money at the bar when I would rather watch from bed.  

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Hello @hunterlake8


Thanks for reaching out. Try signing into your DirecTV account on your PC and refreshing your services. Then try signing in again to the NBC app and let us know if you still get the error message. You should also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and make sure you're using the correct sign in credentials.


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How do you refresh your services?


I’m having the same problem. I’ve talked to direct tv hundreds of times and they have yet to fix my problem 




Having the same issue but code 012-1206-403 for FXNOW after it said I was signed in then it said I’m not authorized. It’s the same crap with direct or att whatever they call themselves now it’s time to cancel services after two years it’s still never right.



Direct tv isn’t going to fix anything. Nor do they care. If you’re relying on direct tv for assistance, you’re worse off than you know. 

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Hi all,

I recently ran into this issue and was disappointed to read that there doesn't seem to be a solution by DirecTV (not surprising--their customer service has never been exceptional).

Last night I sat on the phone for 60 minutes with someone from the "technical department" (verbatim from the agent).  At the end of the call, the only thing he said he could do was report it to his supervisor, who would email me if any progress would be made.  I asked to speak to this supervisor, to which this agent said that none were available.  I asked when I could call back to speak with them, and this agent told me there would be no time I could call to speak with them.

Frustrated, I turned to AT&T.  An agent I spoke with there resolved the issue in 30 minutes.  He claimed that there was "an outage with the NBC Sports app" and that their engineering team "was solving the issue internally."  My assumption is that this agent simply refreshed my service for me, as he guaranteed me that the issue would resolve in 30 minutes exactly.  Sure enough, this error went away exactly 30 minutes after he sent me that message.

TLDR; speak with AT&T about this issue.  DirecTV seems to have absolutely zero idea what they're doing (as always), but AT&T can remedy this in just half an hour.

I hope this helps someone in the future!


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