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Wed, Apr 12, 2017 1:10 PM

Broken Promise from Retail store in Marlton, NJ

In December my bf and I went into the Marlton location to inquire about bringing my bf over from sprint to att. We switched onto my ATT acct and also activated Directv. The incentives that were offered was a new phone for free, which he received, a $100 visa gift card, which we received, and a $200 bill credit towards our directv bill.  The sales rep named Jason advised us we will see this credit in 2-3 bill cycles. 2 bill cycles later I texted and emailed this Jason with no response, so we went into the store to speak with Ryann. Ryann advised us that we are to bring in our directv bill to get this store incentive of $200. We told her we didn't know this and why didn't Jason get back to us. She said it's because he went on leave. Ok makes sense, I thought, still doesn't negate the fact that I was not responded to. She assured me that this will be taken care of and that she will check with her manager Jeff on when we can get that credit.


About a month later, still no incentive credit, we went in to change to the unlimited plus plan. There was an polite Asian fellow who helped us and when we inquired about our incentive credit again, he said he will get with Jeffery Allen, his manager, and he will call us back. Weeks later no call.


We are now going into our 5th statement, all of them paid, I decided to email Jeffery Allen from the Marlton, NJ store location directly and ask him about the incentive credit we still do not have. Mind you that when I contact directv's 800 number they have no idea about a credit because it is store initiated.


Wednesday April 5th I emailed Jeffrey Allen asking him when to expect the credit, (mind you that's all we want to know: What statement we will see it on). He responded to me that same day via email and stated he will look into it tomorrow, have it issued, and call me back. Thursday April 6th came around and by 630pm I had received no such response. I emailed him asking him on any word on that incentive credit. I received no response. I gave it 3 more days and emailed again on Monday April 10th, still, no answer from the manager on when to expect the credit. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT STATEMENT WE WILL SEE THIS CREDIT ON. The biggest disappointment is now I'm being ignored completely with a promise of a phone call from a manger broken!!!!!!




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The store agents dropped the ball with their promised incentive. They are not direct employees of Directv, even if it was an AT&T store the services are still organized separately. This is a customer to customer forum, but you can try sending a private message to ATTDIRECTVCare about the situation. It is possible that it may come down to resolving with the store location as Directv will have no info on anything the store offered beyond the order submitted to Directv.


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