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Wed, Oct 13, 2021 6:41 PM

Complaint against cancellation penalties

I wanted to try Direct TV because the prior owner had it, the satellite was already on the house.  I paid Direct TV\At&T to come to my house, they delivered the equipment (again nothing done outside). I paid a 3rd party to install my Direct TV equipment because of the complexity.

I tried Direct TV for several months and I hated it!  So many ads etc.  I’ve asked to cancel and they want to charge a termination fee.  A termination fee for doing nothing at all!!!  Dropping off equipment that inn be paid to have installed.  I have every piece of equipment in perfect shape that I’ll be returning. 

I reviewed all my paperwork and I see nothing that speaks to a cancellation penalty (unless the print is so small I can’t read it).

I will fight paying the cancellation penalty and will also find a different provider for my high speed Internet needs if Direct TV refuses to waive the unfair and unethical termination fee.

Carla Wise



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3 d ago

Not unfair or unethical. It's part of Directv's standard terms of service.


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3 d ago

The cancelation fee is valid, as soon as the receivers are activated you enter into a 24 month committment 




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3 d ago



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2 d ago

All DirecTV intro offers come with a 24 month service agreement. This is because of the equipment provided that you activated, regardless of who installed it. This is in the fine print of all advertisements and the order confirmation you were sent.

Sorry but "several months" later means you are still within the 24 months so are subject to the Early Cancellation Fee (ECF). You pay the fee just like everyone else in the past 20 odd years.

The ECF is valid. Your being ignorant of it after months does not waive it.

Also you have now given your phone number and name to the entire world. By doing so you have invited more telemarketer and scam artists to contact you. This is a public fourm.

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