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Tue, Sep 14, 2021 9:39 PM

CONTINUOUS Billing errors for 4 straight months and now equipment problem

I am in desperate need of a supervisor to contact me.  I would LOVE to talk with the owner of the company, but we all know that's not happening!  I am so tired of having to deal with DIRECTV incompetence!!  I have spent numerous HOURS on the phone during the past 4 months.  Every time my monthly bill arrives, there is something incorrect.  Every rep I have spoken to tells me they now have the bill correct.  THEY LIE!!!!!!!!!!  It is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that I have to call every month, when I receive my bill, because of DIRECTV incompetence.  Just when I think everything it correct (after 4 long months and hours of calls to reps), I get an email from DIRECTV stating they are mailing me a box to send back my equipment in.  I then get the box in the mail.  Finally, I get a letter stating "if equipment is not retuned in 21 days of the date I called to disconnect my service, I will be charged $135 per HD or DVR receiver".  WRONG AGAIN!!!  I never called to disconnect my service.  No matter who I speak with, I am promised that everything is now correct.  As I stated earlier, every INCOMPETENT rep I have spoken to since June has lied.  They have not corrected the issue - might I add - the issue which is THEIR FAULT every single time.  My heart races, I get a headache, my blood boils - every time I have to contact DIRECTV!!  Your INCOMPETENT reps are going to cause me to have a heart attack!!  I do hope a COMPETENT individual will reply to this and FINALLY correct all the wrongs the previous reps have done for the past 4 months!  If needed, I can provide the "names" of each rep I have spoken to and the date and time of each conversation.   



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12 d ago

Unless you get a reply from DIRECTVhelp, no one is going to contact you from your post here. This is a customer forum, not customer support. If continued calls aren’t getting results, you can escalate to corporate by filing an FCC or BBB complaint. The complaint will result in someone from corporate contacting you.


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11 d ago

If you have "desperate need" to speak with a supervisor, then you call DirecTV and request a supervisor. This is a public forum of other customers, not official support.

Yes many say they want to talk to the owner, but you at least recognize that is not a customer privilege. Too many think they have some right to access the top rung of the ladder.

What about the bill seems incorrect? I would verify what corrections the agents are making, as often it boils down to there is not a correction going forward but a one-time credit just to placate you for a month. Or that bill was correct in the first place, but the agent didn't want to be the bearer of bad news so used a one-time credit to pass it on to the next agent when you called back about it not being the fix you expected.

Did you have a box disconnected so are concerned about the wording sounding like you canceled? Or is it that you didn't request a disconnect of anything equipment related (including receiver services), so the email and return box shouldn't have occurred at all?

If over the phone (including supervisor) cannot resolve this, and you need more than the guidance that can be provided on the forum, then your next option is a BBB complaint. That sends your situation to the corporate level. So though it does not involve the owner, it does send it higher regarding an ongoing problem.

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