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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 7:17 PM

Direct TV hard inquiry pull

I need your help on removing a hard inquiry from Direct TV. When they hard inquiry was pulled we didn't have an account with directv nor did we request one. I called Equifax and they said I needed to resolve this with directv. I called directv and they referred me to a portal on their website where I filled out all of our information and I never heard anything back. Please help

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4 years ago

www.directv.com/notmycreditinquiry is the option to dispute if you have never applied for DirecTV service. Agents over the phone historically don't have further options to handle those disputes as I understand.

@Juniper Well I spoke with DiRECT TV/AT&T finally on the phone today. The phone number people will want to call is 866.718.2011 This is the theft identity center.

Because my incident happened over a year ago. There is nothing that can be done due to the fact that they only hold applications to new service in the system for 90 days. Once it reaches the 90 day mark it gets purged. They have no way of knowing if I or someone else applied for Direct TV service if it is after the 90 day period.

This is extremely disappointing. So it appears we will be stuck with this inquiry on the report for another year until it falls off.


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