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Mon, Jul 30, 2018 5:51 PM

Escalating a Complaint

 I was told on March 19 by Brandy and customer service That my bill would be $130.62 per month for phone Internet and DIRECTV. My bill that my bill would be $130.62 plus tax per month for phone Internet and DirecTV. My bill has not been that yet.   We also moved in May and on May 16 our service was installed at our house. I was told that I would not have to sign a new contract for 24 months. I call AT&T customer service today to discuss my bill not being what I was promised and I ask about my cancellation date, which was supposed to be September 21. I was told that when my installation was done on my new house that my contract was extended another 24 months.   This is not what I was promised! Customer service said they could not escalate it any higher and that I would have to send a letter to AT&T headquarters in Dallas Texas. This is unacceptable! Is there anything else that I can do to get my contract back to September 21 as was promised by AT&T before the installation at our new house? 


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3 y ago

Hi @TravisS195


We'll be sending you a Private Message to gather more details about this and start working toward a solution. Be sure to check your inbox for the message!


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2 y ago

Hi, I am a very frustrated customer. I moved my directv service to a new house that we just bought. I was told initially that I am eligible for the movers deal and i dont have to pay anything for moving my service. All i need is to bring my equipments with me which I did. So a guy came in to do the installation. Few days after, i received a bill for almost a $1000!!!! Apparently they UPGRADED my equipment to wireless and I did not request for that. All i want is my cable service to work. Why would I want to upgrade and pay extra $1000 if my old receivers are working just fine?! It doesnt make any sense! All i requested is to bring another receiver because I got an extra Tv at the new house. I am entitled to up to 4 free receiver based on my plan. I called several times and looks like they cannot reverse the charges when it is clearly their fault!!!! 

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1 y ago

It is impossible to speak with a manager.   I was lied to about Michael AT3615 calling me back right away.  I have been dealing this issue for 2 days. 


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1 y ago



An agent saying they will call you back is usually just getting you off the phone. We call customer support, not the other way around.


Instead of responding to a thread from 2 years ago, perhaps start your own. Then experienced customers (and the occasional employee off-the-clock) might be able to provide guidance.


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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.