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Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 5:36 PM


how do i submit a formal complaint on directv

I'm utterly tired of my  bill creeping up in charges and as a customer being told credit will be issued and when I get my bill the said credit if affixed back to the bill plus late charges etc. 


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5 years ago

An important question .... why is your bill "creeping up"?  When you compare bills month to month, what's changing.  My bill is always the same every month.  Of course, late fees will change your bill each month.



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5 years ago



How long have you been with Directv? are you currently under a contract? Have you tried the online chat function with AT&T/Directv to get discounts. That way at the end of the chat you can get a copy of the transcript and then have proof as to what has been said?


To use the online chat visit the following link, wait for the page to load. A blue "chat available" button will appear towards the left hand middle of the page.




4 years ago

I have a concern as well and want to send a formal complaint letter. How is it no one can answer this simple question?  Why is AT&T/DirecTV so elusive?  Their website(s) and customer service are atrocious.

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1 year ago

I see where the "Left" is claiming victory in the fact that Direct-Tv will cancel "OAN" from it's lineup.. I'm displeased that OAN is being removed with what appears to be a political move on the part of AT&T ..If OAN is removed I will have to start shopping a replacement carrier  ... Sincerely Robert Kunzig 


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