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Sunday, November 27th, 2022 9:52 AM

NFL Sunday Ticket keeps being added to my account

This is an incredibly frustrating issue I've now had to call about FIVE times.

When I first signed up for DirecTV a few years ago they gave me the NFL Sunday Ticket free for two years.

After those two years were over, I called to cancel it. When the 2021 football season started, it was "auto-renewed" to my account despite me not ordering it.

I called and they removed it and issued a refund for the month I was charged.

When the 2022 season started this year, it was once again "auto-renewed" but because I was on auto-pay with my internet provider (who bills me for DirecTV) I didn't notice until two months went by.

I called and the support person said it would be renewed and I would be refunded. Two weeks after that call, I received an email stating that the NFL Sunday ticket had been added to my account.

I called back and the support person assured me it would be removed this time but initially refused to give me a refund because of how far into the season it was (now three months). We went back and forth with me repeatedly asking why this was added to my account when 1) they have no record of me requesting and 2) they DID have a record of me calling multiple times to have it removed. She eventually "spoke to a supervisor" and said I would be refunded.

It's two weeks later and I just received ANOTHER email saying that NFL Sunday Ticket had been added to my account and I still don't have a refund for the first three months I've already been charged for (and I assume I will be charged for a fourth before this is resolved).


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2 months ago

Are you sure someone isn’t getting into your online account and making these changes? I suggest you change your password and add a four digit passcode to authorize the account if it hasn’t already been added. 

Since we are customers just like you on a public forum, the most we can suggest is calling (number in my greeting below) and saying ‘cancel’ to the robot to be sent to a more professional agent from the retention/loyalty department. When on phone with them, explain to them what you just told us. If no action is taken, you would then do a BBB complaint. 


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2 months ago

Either someone keeps going in and adding it back or those "removing" it aren't doing it correctly. Call DirecTV and when you get the voice prompt say "cancel". The retention/cancellation agents are usually more experienced.

Let them know (politely as they are not what caused the issue), that you've removed the NFL Sunday Ticket but it keeps comming back. The notes on the account should back you up. Request it be removed, charges alredy there reversed, and that you are opted out for the future seasons (a separate step some inexperienced agents have missed before).

I concur with making sure you have a password on your acount (changed if needed), and consider changing the one for accessing your account online, to protect yourself against someone adding without your permission.

If that doesn't get it resolved, file a BBB complaint as that would kick it up the corporate level.


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