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Sat, Apr 18, 2020 2:16 PM

Speak to representatives

Need to contact directv but call stays on hold for over an hour with no representative answering the call.

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2 y ago

1-2 hour wait time is not unusual. Many people are at home/in hospital because of the virus and at least some of the call centers are closed.

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6 m ago

Need to speak to an agent directly because of billing issues that are incorrect


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Hello @rcklrkn146, here to help with your inquiry.

You can contact customer care for help with billing, payment, device troubleshooting and more by going to this section of our website:

There you will find a list of the services we offer, you just need to click on the service you need assistance with. Once the service is selected, please scroll down and you will find an option to chat or call the department that handles billing inquiries about your service.

Kevin, AT&T Community Specialist.

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5 m ago

I have tried 3x speaking to someone, always get an Asian gentleman who will not give me his supervisor says if he cannot help me he willthen call the super.  

So far he cannot help me, does not understand the problem and can';t figure out why I am gettign billed  on an account he cannot find and once he  hits that point the call "drops" and I end up starting all over again, before I ge to even speak to him I have a very long wait while the "Voice" asks me inane questions that have nothing to do wit billing wishes me a good day and hangs up.  I have the money to pay the bill l just want to know why it us a loit higher than what I was quoted

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5 m ago

@petersorion Next time you call, say “cancel service” at the voice prompt. That should get your call routed to a retention specialist who can likely better answer your question. Or you could post the details of what you were quoted and billed and someone here can explain. 


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