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Saturday, January 6th, 2018 2:11 AM

up grade to 4hd

Why am I required to sign a new 2 yr contract just to upgrade to 4hd?  I talked to a rep who said that I would be sent 3 new pieces of equip for the upgrade but would be required to sign a new 2 yr contract.


I have been a Direct TV user since 2003 so this new 2yr contract seems out of line, can you please explain why I should continue to use Direct TV as my provider when I have been a user for this long period of time?


Thank you

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6 years ago

Assume by 4HD you mean 4K?


Upgrade of equipment comes with 24 month agreement. Depends on what your current equipment is on what would be your best upgrade option (4K or not).


4K Requirements:


HR54 Genie on non 4K tv (Can connect to a 4K tv, but will not provide the 4K feed to it).

C61K Mini Genie Client (wired only at this time) on 4K tv.

Remember Client has no tuner of its own, uses 1 from the Genie.

4K tv must support HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0, and 60fps (frames per second)

Directv Installation, 4K tv must be there

Package Select or above as of 12/15/2016 (used to be only Ultimate or Premier). So only the Family package will not get 4K service at all.


At this time there are only three 4K channels. 1 regular, 1 select sporting events, 1 PPV.

Even if you have multiple C61K or RVU clients, only one tv can be using a 4K channel at a time.


If offered do NOT get the Genie-2 (HS17). Has post launch issues and for most is a downgrade from the regular Genie line by loss of features and being a Client only system.

ACE - Expert


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6 years ago

Any new receivers trigger a 2 yr contract always has as DTV wants to make sure they cover the total cost of the receiver.


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