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Monday, February 6th, 2023 6:05 AM

4k wireless available?

Currently have hr54-200 main and two c41w-500 wireless genies. Is there an upgrade to my wireless minis for 4k? I was told xfinity does and weighing choices. I have been with dtv since 2010 but bill is getting higher then xfinity by around $100 monthly. 

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1 year ago

There is only one DTV box that outputs 4K and it is the C61K mini and it is wired only.  The HR54 can only stream to 1 C61K  at a time.


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1 year ago

Also, recently, DIRECTV has released the Gemini receiver which is indeed a wireless 4K Genie client which is integrated with Android, allowing you to watch your own streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. This would require that you upgrade your main HR54 to an HS17. Since the HS17 itself is NOT a TV, your Gemini receiver would act as the third TV. 

The only downsides to an upgrade like this would be the obvious two-year contract renewal with an upgrade as well as the fact that the HS17 receiver is very restrictive as far as activating other standalone Directv boxes like HR24s or H25s. Many people find these standalone boxes handy for more DVR storage or even for traveling.

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1 year ago

Gemini is not yet widely available. 

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1 year ago

It also has a glitch regarding  4k HDR. In the settings menu it wrongly says TV does not support HDR when it does. The Genie worked fine with this.  


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