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Friday, April 19th, 2024 3:37 PM

DirecTV Equipment

Can you watch a recorded show on a Genie without the Genie being connected to the antenna?

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2 months ago

Hi, @sixman. No, the Genie needs to be connected to the satellite dish via DECA (DirecTV Ethernet Coaxial Adapter) to allow networking and sharing of recorded content between HD and HD DVR receivers. Elton, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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2 months ago


If something causes the dish not to connect because of weather, technical issue, etc., you may be able to watch existing recordings for awhile. Eventually the box must connect to the satellite to verify service authorizations, which includes using DVR. There is no guaranteed time frame on how long until the box does that check, could be minutes, hours, or even days.

Now if you had the box unplugged from power and then power it back on without being connected to satellite, then recordings could not work as it wouldn't be able to verify authorizations upon boot up.


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