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Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 8:49 PM

Genie 2 – Troubleshooting & Tips From AT&T



If you are having trouble with your Genie 2, the information below may help. 


The Quick Fix

Resetting the Genie 2 by pressing the red reset button may resolve the issues you are having. If it does not, continue below.


Genie 2 Environment – What is around it?

The environment of the Genie 2 can impact performance. Electronics near the Genie 2 can emit interference that may affect the wireless connection. This in turn can impact your experience. The tips below are tips we learned while troubleshooting devices with Wi-Fi connections. We recommend:

  • Keeping electronics at least 2 or 3 feet from the Genie 2.
  • Place the Genie 2 in a central location in your home, near the modem and your receivers.
  • Placing the Genie 2 in an elevated location.
  • Making sure it is off carpet or fabric surfaces.

The recommendations above can also improve your overall internet experience. The same recommendation we have for the Genie 2 are the same for you internet modem. You will find additional recommendations in our Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Hub.


Internet Connection

Your internet plan can impact how your Genie 2 functions. For example, if you are attempting to download On Demand content and have a low tier internet plan, the content make take longer than expected to download. Our Internet Speed article has information on what you can do to improve your experience. 


Error Messages

Your Genie 2 has fallen down and can’t get up!

This error means the Genie may not be upright or tilted. Make sure it is in an upright position.


Streaming conflict

This error has means you do not have enough streams to perform the function you are attempting to do. This error will also appear when you try to stream more than two 4K streams. To resolve this error, you can perform one of the following:


  • Cancel a recording
  • Select “Take This Session.” This will stop Double-Play at the location it was enabled.
  • No option is available: You will need to stop playback from the receiver itself by placing it in standby (turning off the receiver). You may need to go to the room the receiver is in to do this.
  • Press Exit: This will not allow you to record or watch the stream. The error will remain until one of the above options is performed.

Community Member Recommendation

jjanton1 posted a fix that may help. Place the Genie 2 on a timer


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