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Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 1:38 PM

How do I report a bad technician?

How do I report a bad technician? Well he is a sub contractor. First he showed up over an hour late. The appointment was from 12 to 4 and he showed up at almost 6. Then the install required an under eves mount which he didn't have even though the work order stated the type of install and what was required. We were told he would be back with the mount just to receive an email stating the install had been completed. The next morning I called to find out what happened and was told the tech would be back out between 8 and 12. (I work nights so this didn't work for me.) But after spending 45 mins on the phone with 3 different people and most of it on hold. I stayed up waiting for the tech who never showed. My husband called when he go off work and they told him the tech would be out Friday between 4 and 6 the tech showed up at 7:15. It got worse from there. He tried to install it on the front of the house even though the dish would have had to point to the back of the house to be south facing and there where trees in the way. Plus my landlord didn't want it on the front of the house. After arguing with him for almost 5 min. my husband came out and told him he wanted it in the side of the house and just like that the tech did it. So finally the dish is up but when he ran the wires he did not ground the system stating "it shows you have the protection plan so it's okay". He removed the old wires and left them all over my yard and took the plug out to run his wires though and didn't put if back. so now there is a hole in my living room wall to the outside elements.

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3 years ago

as the contractor is not an directv employee ultimately you would need to contact the company he works for, directv has no authority over individual contract employees  but could certainly revisit the contractors relationship with  directv . but you will get a quicker response dealing directly with the contract company

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3 years ago

@ Rob1966 




Call DirecTV to reschedule the appointment. They can also submit a Field Service Request (FSR) on the prior appointment for the tech's no-show. That FSR goes down to be reviewed by the Home Service Provider (HSP) the tech is dispatched from.

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3 years ago

I had an appointment for techincian to come out to install new services at my new home and he never showed up.  I usually get a text or call a day before and on the same day.  I had my grandfather wait over 6 hours since me and husband work.  This is very upsetting since I had to wait over a week for them to come out.


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