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Saturday, February 17th, 2018 3:51 PM

how to record to dvd

how do you record from dvr to dvd


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6 years ago

Sure it's possible!


What DVR model do you have?  Some models have different types of output connections.


The typical setup to record from your DirecTV Reciever/DVR to a VCR or DVD recorder is:

* DirecTV Receiver/DVR Audio/Video Output -> matching TV A/V Input (e.g. INPUT1)

* DirecTV Receiver/DVR A/V Output -> matching DVD/VCR Recorder A/V Input

* DVD/VCR Recorder A/V Output -> matching TV A/V Input (e.g. INPUT2)

Use the TV's Input/Source Selector Function to switch between the DirecTV receiver and VCR/DVD Recorder. To record on the DVD/VCR Recorder, select the DirecTV Receiver/DVR Input on the recorder, set the DirecTV Receiver/DVR to the channel to record (or play a recording to copy on a DVR), and start recording on your DVD/VCR Recorder.


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6 years ago

It's not possible.


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