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Monday, August 21st, 2006 6:12 PM

HR20-700 Review at DBSTalk.com

I have not yet read the review on the new HR20-700 (somehow this Ed got his hands on a unit early and wrote the review, sounds suspect). But apparently (keep in mind I am getting this from discussion forums so consider the source) the new Directv HD DVR MPEG-4 (HR20-700) reciever is now available in the LA area. I find it strange that no where on DirecTV's site is there any mention of the receiver being available anywhere. First I would like someone from DirecTV to confirm or deny its availability and if available already explain why some blog has more information on their equipment then their own corporate site. My suggestion to DirecTV marketers create a interactive multi media presentation and get it on the corporate site soon. It would definatley go a long way in reducing the confusion and show they are in control of information about their own products.
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