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Sun, Feb 5, 2012 4:15 AM

Internet Help/Router Settings

The problem is possibly in the router, here are a few things to check

1.     Go into receiver and take note of the IP Address, Mac address and Network Services(change to manual for STB and Audio ports to populate)
2.     Go to computer and open web browser. In address bar type either or
3.     If login comes up there are several ways to log in. Leave both fields blank and select ok, type admin as user name and password is blank, or admin as name and pass or password as the actual password
4.     Once logged in look for either a Security or VPN (Passthrough) options in the router. Enable all, specifically L2TP passthrough
5.     In the Security section there should also be an option to allow anonymous ping or internet requests. This can be named several different things so look for anonymous requests. We need to allow these requests. This doesn’t weaken your security
6.     Try the receiver after this. You may need to reset your router after all of these changes. There should be an option in the routers settings or unplugging for 15+ seconds
7.     If the above doesn’t work try the below
8.     Look through your router for ‘DHCP or DHCP Reservation’ and enable it
9.     Select the option for DHCP Reservation
10. In the list of DHCP Reservations you should see the receiver with the corresponding Mac address.  Select the receiver and add it to the reserved list
11. Finally we are looking for ‘Port Range Forwarding’ in the routers settings. On mine, it’s under application and gaming and select it when found
12. Enter name of receiver next to application name. I have issues when I use spaces
13. From the Network Services info we have from step 1, take the STB port number and enter it where it says start and take the Audio port number and add it to end
14. Use protocol ‘Both’ and then enter the IP address from the 1ststep. Click enable and save
15. Reset router first followed by the connection on receiver

Some routers are limited to their options and may not have this many settings. You may need to refer to the manual for different verbage.




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The above is some thing that no one should have to do.


90% of all routers come from factory set for DHCP to on, this is the setting that will assign an IP address to any device that is connected to it.


At the lest, it will only be set to allow 10-15 devices.  This is more then enough for most home settings.


The only thing that you need to do is to connect from either or cable or DSL modem to the router, then connect your devices to the router,  if you have more then 4 device, then connect a switch with either 4 5 or 8 ports into the router and then expand your system from there.


The only porting setting that you may need to change is when you connect an Xbox to your system.


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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.