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Friday, February 2nd, 2018 9:51 PM

recording from DVR to DVD.

I have the DVD recorder (genie) hooked to tv with HDMI and direct tv out put to dvd recorder input connected via rca cable.  when recording the dvd we had the dvr set on the program and watched it as we thought it was recording, but upon review it had recorded the live tv.  help please


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6 years ago

The typical setup to record from your DirecTV Reciever/DVR to a VCR or DVD recorder is:

* DirecTV Receiver/DVR Audio/Video Output -> matching TV A/V Input (e.g. INPUT1)

* DirecTV Receiver/DVR A/V Output -> matching DVD/VCR Recorder A/V Input

* DVD/VCR Recorder A/V Output -> matching TV A/V Input (e.g. INPUT2)

Use the TV's Input/Source Selector Function to switch between the DirecTV receiver and VCR/DVD Recorder. To record on the DVD/VCR Recorder, select the DirecTV Receiver/DVR Input on the recorder, set the DirecTV Receiver/DVR to the channel to record (or play a recording to copy on a DVR), and start recording on your DVD/VCR Recorder.


ACE - Expert


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6 years ago

The DVD recorder will only record the Genies output so you have to play the program you want to record.


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