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Monday, November 5th, 2018 6:35 PM

Recording programs

Has anyone figured out how to record a series when using Genie without it picking up on every single channel that has this show--- for instance record only recent Dan Patrick- set up to record at a specific time and channel- but it picks up everything show on every channel!  Did not do this before with the nonGenie system- so DirectTV answer of "they have no control" over this seems bogus


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4 years ago

Hi, @betterupnorth.

We understand that having multiple recordings of the same show may be frustrating, but this is a fail safe in case there isn't enough information provided by the broadcaster to indicate if the Genie should record the program or not. If it doesn't have the information needed to determine if it is already recorded, or an old episode, it records it just in case.

However, we have one known way to bypass that default at this time, which you can do by taking these steps:


  • First, you'll need to download the DIRECTV App on a smartphone or tablet

  • Once you have it downloaded and logged in, go to the search bar in the top right, and search for whatever show you're wanting to record.

  • The search will give you a list of episodes. Click on "By TV Schedule" instead of "By Season" to get a list of the channels that have showings.

  • Once you've done that, click on the show that's on the channel you prefer, and click "Record Series". You'll need to make sure you have your genie selected in the "Receiver" section, and you can edit when you want the receiver to record, when it stops recording, and what priority you want the recording to have.

  • When you have everything you set up the way you want, click on "Record Series" at the bottom in blue, and you'll be good to go with recordings for that channel specifically.

We hope this helps!

John, AT&T Community Specialist


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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.