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Tue, Jan 22, 2008 5:58 AM


I was wondering if a show has started already is it possibale to record it from the beginning. Also how do you extend a recording if it goes longer than the time on the guide ex. football games.



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14 y ago

When you set up a football game to record from the menu, rather than hitting the "R" button, hit "select" and then press the record option. You will get a screen that offers various amounts of overrun etc. If you already have it scheduled, you can highlight it in the to do list, hit select and record, and you'll get the same screen. If it's already recording, you can do the same from the play list. As far as recording from the beginning, the short answer is yes, and no. If you've been tuned to that program, or if the DVR is tuned to that program when you turn it on, an immediate press of the R will capture the program back in time 90 minutes. If you've just tuned to the program, you can't record back.



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1 m ago

This is not an option with Directv Stream. It only gives the option to record and no options for extending the length of the recording. 


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1 m ago

This is the DTV sat forum.


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1 m ago

Hello @targhee1! Thank you for reaching out.

At the moment, the extended recording option is not available in DIRECTV STREAM service.

We do understand how useful this feature can be for our valued customers, so we are definitely taking your feedback into account in order to improve our overall service.

Let us know if you have further questions!

Julian, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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