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Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 1:16 AM

Replace or change?

I've had the same HR54-500 for several years. It seems lately that it is slow at times responding to the remote control. The batteries are fine. 

I just learned there is a newer HR17 (?) model. Should I ask for a replacement HR54 or change to an HR17?

I use the box with only one tv. What would be involved in changing receivers? Is it DIY?

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1 year ago

The HS17Genie 2 doesn't connect to any TV so you have to add a mini client.   You can try a search for           clearmybox       to dump the guide data and other things and it will take a day or 2 to rebuild, any recording set to record will.

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1 year ago


The HR54 is the 3rd generation Genie and really is top of the line equipment, even if not the absolute newest model. I would try normal troubleshooting (red button resent, cleraing some recording space, full power cycle, etc.) to see if responsiveness will increase. If not software updates over time that have slowed it, but an actual hardware issue, a warranty replacement is $19.95 delivery.

The other one you have heard about is the Genie-2 (HS17). This is a headless server tower. Doesn't go on a TV itself, so the HR54 would be replaced by a Mini Genie Client. And it only allows those Clients, forbidding all receivers, meaning you are hard capped on capability plus now everything must rely on a single box which may keep that slower experience on all TVs.

Whether warranty replacement or "upgrade" (downgrade for some of us with more powerful setups) to Genie-2, you lose all the recordings on your current box as they don't transfer. So be comfortably caught up first.

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1 year ago

Do the red button reset, power reboot or "clearmybox" process and see how it helps.

I have similar problems and was going to replace my equipment with the HR17 ("Genie 2" media server) but decided not to do it.  I feel that the Genie 2 has issues.  Read this person's post from earlier today


They had the same box as you, upgraded to the Genie 2 and are having problems.


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