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Fri, Aug 12, 2022 6:18 PM

Replacement direct tv dish

I have called direct tv - 5 days in a row, to no avail.

all I need is a new dish installed, as a tree fell into the old one.  I have been told by dev cs, they don’t have any open times in schedule.

‘’I guess they don’t seem to care about 25 years of loyalty 

if anyone has access to equipment and knows how to fix, I will be happy to pay them a premium.  I am located in Winona lake in 46590


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I guess they're still short-handed in your area. You might try calling a local home theater/automation company. They often can install satellite dishes. Or search YouTube for dish installation videos. It's not that hard. And you can buy DirecTV dishes on Amazon or Solid Signal's website. 


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Right. Buy the satellite dish from a website like Solid Signal and call someone out from a third party website. I highly recommend the website ftainstall.com


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Short staffing and full on appointments in the reality. Your "25 years of loyalty" doesn't mean they cancel somebody else's appointment.

Yes they are not in a good state since the pandemic. But loyalty doesn't give you the perk of trampling other's who managed to get appointments before you did.

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I am waiting 2 weeks already trying to have a dish relocated since 8/17/22

4 appointments issued and cancelled by DTV or the service provider

now latest is 08/31/22


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