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Wed, Oct 9, 2019 11:47 PM

This company is the worst with customer support, service, or satisfaction.

Hi, I went into an AT&T store in Brentwood California off of sandcreek road a couple weeks ago to make an appointment to get my direct tv and internet package set up, all was fine we made the date for 2 weeks out which was October 8th  just in case I wanted to upgrade or change anything, I was told my first time payment would be 160$ and $120/month after that, the 2 weeks go by and I still recieved no calls or emails confirming anything, so October 7th came and i figured id call to confirm, I called the store at 10am as soon as they opened and the phone rang forever, after hearing someone take the phone off the hook they just hung it up immediately, so I called 4 more times. Still couldn't get through. I had the business card of a store associate (Alex *****) who included their cellphone number, I called them on the cell phone to confirm my appointment, he said hes not at work and would call his manager and give me a call back. Never received a reply.

The next morning on the day of my set appointment. Nobody shows up. We specifically set it for this date knowing we had my in laws in town and wanted to make sure they could watch tv or at least internet, Since nobody showed up, i tried calling the store again and again and again. Still no answer, so I had my wife go to the store and try and figure out whats going on, she is told that nobody can access Alexs Ipad to get the information about my order. They are told that Alex comes in at 3 and wed have to come back at that time to figure it out, so we wait till 3, I go into the AT&T store after work to speak with Alex, Alex didnt show up to work that day. So now we still have no internet and no idea whats happening.

Luckily a great Associate named Ed ( I didnt catch his last name ) tried his best to help me out and find the info, after being in the store for almost 2 hours and Ed making multiple calls to different people trying to figure it all out, he came to the conclusion that YES my appointment was scheduled for October 8th but nobody showed up, So they tell me that theyd have to refund my advanced payment and do the whole transaction over. I paid another advanced payment, and now they tell me the next available date wouldnt be until October 15th, 7days after my initial appointment that YOUR company didnt follow up with, and that my payments would now be $170 at installation and $150/month

Why am I having to wait another 7 days and have to pay more monthly for something that you all messed up on? I set my appointment for a certain time for a reason. And to tell me I cant be serviced until the 15th is ridiculous. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SERVICED YESTERDAY! Then to tell me my payments will be more than the price we initially agreed on. I dont understand how a business that handles their customers so poorly can still remain in service. I want my INTERNET and TV YESTERDAY when I should have had it.

The most ridiculous run around for such a simple task.


Dominic *****


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3 years ago

We woulkd always suggest that to get Directv you call them and don't go through an ATT store. First, many ATT stores are not owned by ATT. Second, even ATT-owned stores are really only agents for Directv, even though they are both owned by the same parent company. So things like this often go wrong, either by accident or through incompetence.

Your price should be on the order confirmation form.


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