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Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 3:37 PM

Troubleshooting your Streaming Applications


Let’s be real. Everyone is streaming content these days. We all do. It is a big part of our digital lives! We want to share a few things with you that will improve your streaming experience.


Note:  If you are having trouble logging into the DIRECTV Everywhere app or NFL SUNDAY TICKET, click here

Connection Speeds

When you stream, we recommend a plan that will support streaming. 6mbps and above are recommended.


Run a Speed Test to test your connection. Make sure the speeds you are getting meet the minimum requirements for your streaming service. Streaming services differ and some require more bandwidth than others. Even the type of show you are playing makes a difference, for example live action tends to take more bandwidth than cartoons.

  • Test hardwired if possible
    • Hardwired is not as susceptible to outside interferences as wireless. Speed tests should matchup with your plan.
  • Test with a single active device
    • Extra devices consume the shared bandwidth.
  • Test each device
    • Not all devices operate the same.
  • Test your distance
    • Wireless weakens over distance. Test in different parts of your home.
  • Test with Smart Home Manager (applicable only to AT&T customers)
    • Smart Home Manager has many tools that will identify connection issues and help fix them.

Improve the Stream

  • If connecting wireless, there are several things that can be done to improve the signal, such as:
    • Changing the Wireless Channel (For AT&T Customers: learn more about changing your Wireless Channel for NVG/Motorola and 2Wire/Pace here).
    • Removing Environmental Interference: Speakers and other electronics can impact speeds.
  • Reducing the number of devices
    • The more devices connected, the slower speeds can be.
  • Updating your plan
    • Have extra bandwidth to compensate for X-factors (additional devices, streams requiring more bandwidth).

Tips to Speed up your Equipment

  • Scan for viruses.
  • Close all programs you are not using.
  • Clear your browser’s cache/cookies.
  • Make sure the Network Adapter is functioning properly (updated drivers).
  • Disable hardware acceleration for older computers/internet devices.
  • Reduce internet device’s memory usage  to have memory available for streaming.

Happy Streaming!!


AT&T Customer Care

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