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Wed, Nov 3, 2021 3:51 AM

Turn off or disable resume in another room?

Is there any way to disable resuming shows and another room? Or, ideally, keep it room specific?

It can be particularly annoying when it comes to accidentally spoiling recording/recorded sports games.

My house has four receivers. I live upstairs with the main genie unit (HR54/500) and one mini genie, and I have a roommate that lives downstairs with the other two mini genies (all C41W-500). The problem is, we both love the same teams and watch a lot of the same events, but often have to do so on different schedules. With room resume enabled this means we both frequently end up having the results of games spoiled if we aren't very careful. If I get home late and start watching a game that roommate already finished I have to make sure to check if it has already been started, and if so, click info and then start over. Obviously that doesn't always happen, so when I start the game it picks up at the very end where my roommate finished... Completely spoiling the result. Is there any way to turn this off?

I have already made sure that shared playlists are off and yet it doesn't actually seem to change anything. I just double checked my settings on the server while typing this up and it appears that regardless of what settings I choose every location is able to see everything that has been recorded to the DVR from any location and every location is able to delete anything... And therefore every location automatically picks up a program where any other location finished. 

Any ideas?

Obviously I would prefer to avoid doing a hard reset and erasing everything, but I fear that's where this is headed.

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2 m ago

You can't disable minis from sharing the playlist or resuming the program. You need separate HRXX but DTV is not installing them.


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