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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 6:40 PM

Why is Bloomberg channel so distorted?

I have a D12-100 receiver and an analog TV. For the past several months, the Bloomberg channel has been highly distorted. The nature of the distortion changes back and forth every couple of months. Sometimes, the picture is squeezed vertically and expanded horizontally, clipping off parts of the image on the left and right, and making all the on-air people look like they could play defensive line in the NFL. Other times, the people look nearly normal, but the right-hand 20% of the image is simply horizontal lines that duplicate the color of the pixel at the 80% point in the scan line.

What is it about Bloomberg that makes it impossible to convert to a format the D12-100 can use? All other HD channels seem to work fine, usually just by being displayed in letterbox format.

Note that I posted this question a month ago, but someone flagged it as "Assumed Answered" before any answers could be posted. So I'm asking again.

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8 years ago

The problem is Bloomberg's.   They need to decide how they want to reformat their 16:9 widescreen video image to fit the analog TV 4:3 format.   Seems like they keep changing their minds.  Sometimes it's letterboxed, where you see black bars across the top/bottom of the frame.  Sometimes its cropped, where the slice off the left and right sides of the frame.   DirecTV just passes along the signal they provide.


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