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Mon, Jul 4, 2022 8:58 AM

Switch to STREAMING incentatives

Long time DirecTV subscriber. I am considering streaming solutions. DirecTV has regional sports channels and a solution for my spouse with the streaming box and remote with channel numbers.
A week trial is not really enough to fully decide. The cost of the streaming box is another inhibitor. Change is difficult to "sell" at my house.

Ideas: allow Satellite customers a longer overlapping trial period. Offer a price break on the streaming box.

The direction in the industry is streaming. I would think it is advantageous to DirecTV also, fewer satellites, no home equipment to support. Even rural customers now have better options for internet service to allow this approach.


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To help with cost Directv does offer refurbished boxes at a lower rate of $49.99 you still get the 1-year warranty like the brand new boxes but at a lower cost.  Whatever you do not buy them off of eBay because if the previous owner did not deactivate the box it may not work. Unfortunately, the trial period is all they offer there are no extended trial periods.  But if you get the boxes it will be very similar to the Directv Sat service that you currently have and will be worth the initial cost at startup because you will be saving by not having to pay a whole bunch of extra fees like receiver fees so you will end up saving in the long run!


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You can keep your DIRECTV satellite service and create a DIRECTV STREAM account (free trial) with a DIFFERENT email address, name, and password. That way, you still have DIRECTV satellite while trying out stream.



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