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Thu, Jul 21, 2022 8:43 PM

why use DTV Strean Vrs Satellite

What are the Pros and Cons of DTV Stream Vrs DTV Satellite? Any benefit from one to the other.. I have been with DTV since day one and we do travel in out RV now that we are retired  and also have a pool house 95' from the main house I want to put DTV in as we use it for our guest house.

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  1. Doesn’t go out in storms like DIRECTV satellite

    2. You do not need to wire each room with coax. As long as the room has a streaming device like a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or the DIRECTV STREAM Osprey Box, service can be received.

3.  DIRECTV STREAM does not charge any additional fees like DVR fee, HD fee, advanced receiver fee, TV access fee, etc. With that being said, you won’t need to pay $7 for every additional TV. 

4. DIRECTV STREAM doesn’t have a price hike the second year.


1. An adequate internet speed needs to be existent where every streaming device is. If there is not a good internet speed buffering, delays, audio and video issues, pixelation, and slow performance happen.

2. You must purchase a streaming device for every TV. Whether this be a Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, or DIRECTV STREAM Osprey Box, all

of those work. Although, I do personally recommend the DIRECTV STREAM Osprey Box because of its fast speed and performance.

3. You will need to somehow get good internet going in your RV. Unlike DIRECTV where all you needed was a portable satellite setup, DIRECTV STREAM requires a consistent good connection as I stated before.

4. DIRECTV STREAM does not have some networks that DIRECTV has like NFL Network. Additionally, features like PiP are nonexistent on stream. 

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Hi @oreagle we'll be more than happy to clear things out for you about our services.

DIRECTV is a Satellite service which requires a 2 year agreement and a professional installation, you'll be able to enjoy up to 330+ channels, you can have access to your favorites anywhere with the DIRECTV App, free for all DIRECTV customers, also delivers 99% signal reliability and some sports subscriptions available.

DIRECTV STREAM is a prepaid service that does not require agreement, it requires a minimum internet speed of 8 Mbps per stream for optimal viewing, and a compatible device, Smart TV, or the DIRECTV STREAM device to get more features.

Learn more about both services here: http://sm.att.com/7fdc706a Let us know if you have additional question.


Camila, DIRECTV Community Specialist 


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