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Sun, Oct 24, 2021 4:48 PM

4k quality

are there plans to offer 4k streaming


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1 m ago

The DirecTV Stream device (and many of the other devices hosting a DirecTV Stream app) support 4k.  It is unknown if any of the DirecTV Stream apps themselves currently support 4k.  However, none of the providers (networks) currently offer 4k streams, so even if 4k was supported by the DirecTV Stream apps, there is no content in 4k for them to offer.  That might change in the future, at which point it becomes a more relevant issue for the service itself to offer 4k support.

Yes, there is some 4k content on some on-demand streaming services - Netflix, Amazon, etc., but that is only on-demand, not live streams.  You can run most of those services' app (separately) on the devices supporting the DirecTV Stream app, and if the app and device support 4k (which is the case with the DirecTV Stream device), you'll get that content in 4k.   DirecTV Stream's on-demand content comes from the live stream providers, and as far as I know, they don't currently offer that to the carriers in 4k.  Again, when they do, it becomes a more relevant concern that the DirecTV Stream service offer 4k support.  There has also been some "special event" live programming - for example, the Olympics - on some outlets. No idea if they have plans or the current infrastructure to offer that if it occurs in the future.



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