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Thu, Nov 4, 2021 9:30 PM

Channel Up/Down Buttons No Longer Scroll and Bring Up Recently Viewed

Until sometime earlier this week, using the Channel Up and Channel down buttons (above/below the OK Button) allowed you to preview the guide channel by channel. Now the buttons bring you to the recently viewed panel.

The previous behavior was useful because:

  1. The Channel Up/Down button located downward and to the right does not respect the favorites list.  This makes the Guide fairly useless in that the Guide is now out of sync with the favorites list. I use the favorites list is to filter our content I have no interest in such as cartoon channels, etc.  Using the Channel Up/Down buttons above and below the "OK" button did respect the favorites list.  
  2. Browsing through the Guide on its own presents the text in a smaller window than the "Info" screen previously presented while browsing individual channels.  To read the text, I now have to go to the guide, scroll to what I think is something of interest, (though I really won't know until I press the "Info" button), and then press the "Info" button.  More work for the same result with less functionality.

Is there a way to set the old behavior to be the default?  In addition, all functions should really respect the favorites function

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2 m ago

This came out with a new update there is discussion in another thread. No way to change it back. I don't get the change b/c we can already access recent channels by hitting the home button. The mini guide was a bonus feature to me. If they are going to make this big of a change would be nice if the up/down button's recent channels had buffers on them (like tivo tuners)



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