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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 7:29 PM

DirecTV Stream stuck buffering

Was watching football today. Needed to rewind about 20 minutes. It allowed me to move the slider, but the screen is just stuck buffering.

I am using a desktop PC and I have AT&T fiber for my internet. It wouldn't load a rewind beyond 30 or 60 seconds.


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5 days ago

Hello @Kellerrobertt, we always want our customer to have an optimal and properly functioning service.

You can try resetting your streaming device and make sure that you have a stable internet connection. You can find some troubleshooting steps on how to improve performance on the App here

Let me know if this works, I will be here to help.

Fernando, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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5 days ago

@DIRECTVhelp - I know your standard response to almost any reported problem is “reset your streaming device”, but if you bothered actually reading the OP’s post, you would see that he reported using a PC, not a streaming device (so also no app involved, just a web browser). But nice try!  Thanks for playing!

@Kellerrobertt i don’t personally use the service on a computer often, and have never run into that issue. But there have been a number of reports recently that DTV apparently made changes to the web interface and broke a number of things, so that might be another.  If that’s the issue, one would hope they will fix it soon.  Which browser are you using, and have you tried any other?  It shouldn’t matter, but it has sometimes in the past.


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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.