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Wed, Oct 6, 2021 1:51 AM


I came from DirecTv satellite, to ATT TV, then when it didnt work right, to YouTubeTV.  I now came back to ATT TV/DirecTv Stream to see if they had fixed my issue with buffering, and they have...so far so good.

I miss some things about YouTubeTV and DirecTv satellite, so thought I would offer some Suggestions/Requests...

1: Add DirecTV's 4K - All major streaming services and DirecTv have 4K channels.  Its is a glaring missing item from DirecTv Stream.  You could grab a BUNCH of YTTV subs by adding 4K to the package without charging extra.  Might get some CNN watchers from FUBO that way also.  

2: Given the price is higher than any other service, at least double the amount of free DVR space.

3: DirecTv has its own version of "Red Zone", please make a add on subscription available for DIrecTv Stream since Sunday Ticket and the real Red Zone is not available to us.

4: Add profiles (at least for those paying $10 extra for DVR) to allow family members to have their own "DVR Library"

5: Add a overshoot compensation to the DVR when hitting play from FF.

Now items I like a lot better than YouTubeTV:

Locking FF.  Gosh I got tired of hitting FF 25 times to skip a commercial on YTTV

FF WIndow in HD, nice touch

Osprey Box option - I love this thing.  Im an old school cable/satellite box kind of guy. Cant wait for the software to get rid of fake HDR

Ease to get back to the home screen.  YTTV makes you hit back arrow like 6 to 8 times to get back there.  Its pathetic.  The family all voted to keep DirecTv Stream over YTTV because the DVR interface was so much easier to use.

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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.