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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 8:01 PM

Caller ID

Do you need to be hooked up to a phone line to receive caller ID information?

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ACE - Expert


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5 years ago



Well yes because it is your phone service you get Caller ID from. Only works with old fashion landlines. Newer systems, including VOIP or even Uverse, are not compatible.


@Anonymous not entirely correct. The 1st and 2nd generation Genie (HR34 and HR44) have the phone jack for the outdated Caller ID on TV feature. So the 3rd generation Genie (HR54), the new but not recommended Genie-2 (HS17), and the H25 (most current HD non-DVR receiver) do not have the phone jack which is expected to be the norm going forward. Also no Mini Genie Client has the phone jack either.


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5 years ago

Of course! And your receiver should be non-Genie.


ACE - Expert


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5 years ago

Only an analog phone line not Voip and the HR34/44 Genies have a phone jack, the HR54 doesn't.


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