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Sun, Jan 25, 2009 12:50 PM

Does Media Share effect a PS3 if they are on the same network?

I was sent a new replacement HD-DVR because after 5 tech's, hours on the phone and hours of missed work no one at Direct TV can seem to resolve our Local HD channel problems, they work great with rabbit ears.  Tech's would come to our home but do nothing, insisting it was a Direct TV broadcasting issue. Once I hooked up the new receiver my computer popped up a window for Media Share which I enabled because the kids thought how cool to watch things from computer on TV.  Not sure if it is coincidence or a Media Share configuration issue.  Suddenly our PS3 that was working fine does everything but play games or movies.  It loads them or tries too but all we get now is the loading circle in the upper corner.  I checked the XMB(PS3 menu) and there were entries for Media Share under Video, Photos, ect.  I have disabled Media Share under System Settings on the PS3, icons went away.  Disabled it on the computer and TV yet the PS3 still will not play games or movies.  Until I connected the Media Share it worked fine.  You can still surf the Internet with it (PS3), go to the PS3 store, U-tube, everything works except for the actual playing of games and movies.  Is anyone aware of this issue or has anyone had the same problem and if so how were you able to fix it if you were?  I would appreciate any help, pretty please.  The PS3 is just one year and one month old so the warranty is invalid.  Figures!  My kids are going crazy as they just got all kinds of cool games for X-mas and now we can't use them.  Wishing I never went back to Direct TV.


Robert Harris

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