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Sat, Oct 16, 2021 2:33 AM

Error Code 100

Cannot download and stream on IPad. Cannot find dvr even though they are on the same network. Have had this problem for the last several weeks. Customer service replaced my Genie DVR which I installed today. Problem is still there. Did you do a software update?


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2 m ago

Hi @Emm829, we're here to help you with your DVR situation.

Please make sure, you are using
a compatible device and also a compatible Genie DVR: HR44 - HR54 - HS17.

Upon reviewing this information we recommend you to try the following steps:

1. Make sure your Genie and iPad are connected to the same network.
2. Reset the
main receiver and uninstall and install the DIRECTV app.
3. Make sure your DIRECTV receiver has the Mobile DVR feature allowed:
     a. Menu > Settings & Help > Settings.
     b. Info & Test > More System Info.
     c. Press Select.
     d. Scroll down to Mobile DVR.
     Mobile DVR/GenieGo status will display.

Upon following these troubleshooting steps, let's try to enroll your iPad on the Mobile DVR feature:

1-Sign into the app with
https://direc.tv/3j8Pjuq username and password.
2-Select Playlist.
3-Select My Downloads.
4-Select Register your iPhone/iPad/Phone/Tablet.
5-Edit the Device name as desired.
6-Select Add Device.

TIP: Let's keep in mind, this feature allows up to 5 devices connected.

Let us know how it goes!

John, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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2 m ago

Hello Emm8291, I had the the same problem for several weeks like yourself. I have purchased and returned several iPads over time. Evidently even though I reset all of them and erased all data for return a few of them stayed registered and you're only able to have five at a time. I found this out by going to Info and Test then click on System information scroll down to Mobile DVR. You might even have past iPhones still registered to this service and not even know. Even though it said I only had two devices registered I had 5 which is the limit. Then I uninstalled the Directv app and then I reset my DVR receiver. Wait until the tv has refreshed then re install the directv app. I did that a finally it worked after all this time. It was driving me crazy just a little insane:-)


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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.