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Sat, Aug 13, 2022 6:15 PM

How do I get approved for Sunday Ticket standalone?

I had a technician out to my house earlier this year who refused to do an install due to trees obstructing the view of the sky needed. 

I have called 4 times with different people and keep getting the same non answer of supposedly they are sending my information to be overridden, and I should hear something in 24-48 hours. 4 times I have gone through this process and it has not been resolved. 

Trying to sign up on the website does no good because it says my address is not qualified. 

Can someone PLEASE help me? I wanted Directv only because of the Sunday Ticket. And the website states that obstructed views qualify for the service. I’m at my wits end at this point. 

thanks in advance for any and all help! It’s greatly appreciated. 


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Try this number:


You may not have much luck getting NFL SUNDAY TICKET standalone because, if it weren’t for an obstructed view, you would be able to get DIRECTV satellite service. I’m sure your house has a good spot for a satellite dish and the tech was being lazy. Can you verify if there is any line of sight at all? Dishes can be mounted on eaves, roofs, or the ground. 


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The work order has to have been canceled for nlos (no line of sight) if it was cancelled using any other reason then the database will always show the address as ineligible. Call back and ask what's listed as the cancellation reason, csrs can See the reason



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