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Thu, Nov 30, 2017 8:23 PM

NFL Sunday Ticket .. unable to login due to "currently signed in on gaming console"

We are subscribed to Sunday Ticket and every weekend we try to sign in and get the message "currently signed in on gaming console".  Every weekend my husband calls DirecTV to figure out what is going on, we are told "someone is logged in on a gaming console".  We can login during the week, but not Sunday. I don't know who is hacking our account on Sunday but it is very frustrating. 


From all of our calls to customer service, they have advised:

* They do not know who is logged in and they are NOT able to log someone out;

* Change our password (which we have done numerous times) and no one has the password but me and my husband;

* Change our email associated with the account (which we have done);

* Uninstall and reinstall the app (which we have also done numerous times);

* Power our receiver off/on (done numerous times);

* Live chat with someone who reset our receiver which caused us to lose the entire day of Sunday ticket because they reset/removed all service.  We did not even have DirecTV at all for most of the day.  We had to call and they were able to restart our service, but they only did it on one of our receivers.  We had to call back again to get it restarted on our 2nd receiver.  However, they could not restart our Sunday Ticket because "we have the package bundled with Century Link, so we need to contact them to restart Sunday ticket, but they were closed on Sunday". If we wanted to add it, we would have to pay again. We contacted Century Link on Monday and they said they have nothing to do with Sunday ticket.  We called DirecTV again to relay this information. (During this time, every time we called, we were asked if we wanted to add Sunday ticked to our programming.  The Sunday ticket we have already paid for!).   Finally someone added the Sunday ticket back to our programming and had to credit the fee since we have already been paying for it. 

* We were told our issue has been escalated and someone would be contacting us.  No one has contacted us to resolve the issue.

* We were told this isn't a fraud issue because it's not an account setup with a different name.  I thought if someone is using our service without our permission or knowledge, then that would be a fraud issue, but apparently not with DirecTV.


Our frustration level, for about 10 weeks now, is through the roof!  We are paying for a service that we do not have access to sign in remotely. Bottom line, I need to be able to login in to my Sunday ticket every weekend.  I should not have to contact customer service every Sunday and explain the same problem to get the same troubleshooting tips with no resolution. We have been purchasing Sunday ticket each year since 1995 and have NEVER had this many issues.  Customer service representatives are nice and try to be helpful but they do not have the knowledge or tools to correct this.  Who can we contact that WILL fix our problem????





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Have the exact same problem.  They don’t know how to fix it.  And they just ignore the problem. Every week mine works until Sunday.  Have troubleshooted five or six times and no one fixes the problem. 


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