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Thu, Nov 5, 2020 4:48 AM


program RC73 for ONN Roku TV.

I have an ONN Roku TV and I'm trying to program an rc73 DirecTV remote to work with it..
The model number for my ONN  TV is 
100012589.   I cannot find ONN in the brand list on the menu.  As such, I also do not know of any 5 digit code that will work.  At the suggestion of some comments on the forum  I've tried all of the codes for RCA, Orion, and Vizio, TVs.  None of them worked.  Can you please provide the correct brand name and 5 digit code(s) that will work to program this DirecTV rc73 remote. 

Thank you.

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We bought an ONN TV and can't seem to program it to our directv remote


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On your DTV receiver Rc73 remote Menu>Settings>Remote and follow instructions from their for Auto find the code for your TV.





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Let's see if we can get your remote programmed to your TV, @indyran.


Thank you to @teetertotter for the useful information.


Here is more information on how to program your remote, as well as more instructions on how to program it by the automatic function. We also recommend that you try this code, to see if it works for your remote. (14398)


Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


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