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Sat, Mar 21, 2020 12:02 AM

Streaming live TV in Google Chrome for W10 after Flash Player end of life.

What options will AT&T/DirecTV offer to stream live tv in Google Chrome for Windows 10 after Adobe Flash Player's end of life on 12/31/2020?




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Windows 10

Edge browser

  • De-install Synamedia Video Guard
  • Pop-up blocker exception for www.directv.com and   tc.directv.com 
  • Restart Edge
  • Deleted cookies related to “directv”
  • Turn Off all Extensions
  • Restart computer
  • Restart - reinstall software - start test watch

LIVE TV - tests

  • ESPN 206 100% load - authorizing does not play today??
  • ESPNHD 207 100% load - authorizing Starts playing fairly quickly
  • CBS 5 85% - loading Hung
  • ABC  7 blank black screen nothing
  • ESPNHD 207 100% load - authorizing starts playing fairly quick
  • ESPN 206 ...loading - authorizing starts to play when it didn’t first time
  • FOX 2 ..loading - authorizing starts to play fairly quick
  • CBS 5 ...loading  - authorizing starts to play (failed and hung earlier)

WatchTV - not live shows

  • Bachelor S25 E6 ...load - authorizing plays fairly quick
  • Batwoman S2:E3 ...load -authorizing plays fairly quick
  • Law & Order S22 E2 ...load - authorizing plays fairly quick - Never got this to play on the past two days. Might be because I lucked out and got Bachelor to work.

Looks like there is nothing a user can do to correct it. It seems that once you can get it working it is still hit or miss whether it will actually play. Seems to work for others and seems not to work for others. It does seem like the load/authorization mechanism of the Directv software is flaky.

I only hope this holds up!!!



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Yeah, so I will tell you something I've learned when the auth/loading sequence gets messed up.  It has something to do with the cookies.  They get screwed up from time to time and have to be deleted.  So, that's what I do.  I delete everything but saved passwords and then restart Chrome/Edge.  99% of the time that fixes it.  The other 1% of the time it turns out that the issue is on the DirecTV server side.  You can't do anything about that, they have to fix the issue on their end.  Also, when you delete cookies and want to watch in-home content, then you will have to have those re-authorized by clicking on the link that checks to make sure your on the same network as you DTV receiver. Click on the program from the guide, then click on "Check your connection" to re-establish that you're on the same network as the DTV receiver.  Once it performs this check, usually takes a minute or two, then you will be able to watch more channels than what's available to you with the "out of home" filter.

Hope this helps!



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New to the Community? Visit the Community How-To and Guidelines to get started.