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Thu, Sep 9, 2021 11:39 AM

Unable to stream DirecTV on my PC

As of 9/8/21,  I can no longer stream content, live or on-demand, on my PC.  Was working fine on 9/7/21, but now the DirecTV player is getting stuck on "Loading" and the progress wheel makes it to 85% and just stops there.  I can stream from the app on my Galaxy S8 phone (Android) just fine.  That app was recently updated to look more like the DirecTV Stream--the icon for the app now looks like the Stream icon.  Went through all the recommended troubleshooting/repair steps--clearing browser cookies & cache, uninstalling/re-installing DirecTV Player (VideoGuard 13.0), but none of that worked.  Usually clearing cookies and cache does the trick, but not this time.  Support chat via Twitter took me through a few more diagnostic "here, try this" steps, but couldn't get it to work. 

Some observations about the phone app and PC interfaces. 

In the Android app, the streaming sequence goes like this: Push 'Play' icon-->Loading-->Authorizing-->content is streaming.  Takes about 3 seconds start to finish.

On my PC, have always used Chrome browser to stream.  Sequence to play normally goes like this:

Push 'Play' icon-->Loading-->Authorizing-->content is streaming.   But now it is missing the last step of "Authorizing".  Progress wheel on "Loading" gets stuck at 85% and nothing happens after that.

My take is that something is happening with the back-end content server process.  It's not getting the "Authorization" step done so it gets locked on attempting to load the content.  Has nothing to do with me, my PC, my browser.  It's a DirecTV issue.  And whatever they are doing they aren't communicating this effectively to their tech support channels.   The result is a lot of wasted time, energy, and increasing frustration.

I'm seriously considering just switching to DirecTV Stream because streaming is how I get most of my content anyway, whether it's Hulu, Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.  If that's where all of DirecTV's energy and effort is going, then maybe that's what I need to do--dump the dish.  But beware, DirecTV.  Fubo, Google, Hulu Live TV are serious competition. I'm looking at all my options.  Your chances of retaining me as a customer improve by first fixing my current issue.  If not....there are other options. 

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1 m ago

Absolutely incredible that there's been no response to this in over a month.  This confirms (to me) that DirecTV is diminishing the value of your paid service without your knowledge or consent, which after all - is how ATT&T made it business in the first place.  Thieves, all.


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