The Award For Community Excellence

The Award for Community Excellence (ACE) is given annually to highly-respected members who have regularly helped fellow users with outstanding answers, practical advice and timely tips.

What is the Award for Community Excellence (ACE)?

The Award for Community Excellence (ACE) is an exclusive designation awarded every year in September to recognize top contributors to the DIRECTV Support Community.

If you're selected as an ACE Achiever, then you've gone above and beyond for this important forum. And that's what makes this community work: members like you sharing tips and solutions with other members based on your own experience with DIRECTV products and services. We believe expert users who regularly contribute useful solutions deserve special recognition. And that's what the ACE program is all about.

How do I become an ACE Achiever?

ACE Achievers are our most passionate, knowledgeable and valued contributors. To become one, you'll need to meet some basic criteria. For example, you should:

  1. Meet criteria for a minimum number of posts and accepted solutions throughout the year.
  2. Set a model of excellence in the community through your interactions with other users.
  3. Not be an AT&T or DIRECTV employee.

How are ACE Achievers nominated and selected?

ACE achievers are nominated once a year. We'll announce when nominations open up, usually in July. You can be nominated in two ways:

  1. DIRECTV Community Managers can nominate top contributors after considering the total number of posts, marked solutions and kudos received from the previous year. They take into consideration how other users have rated nominees on the quality of their interactions.
  2. Other community members can nominate top contributors for an ACE.

Do I get anything if I'm selected for an ACE?

Yes! As an ACE achiever, you'll get a special badge that you can display with your forum rank. You may also receive occasional non-cash gifts from DIRECTV to thank you for your participation.

I'd like to be nominated for an ACE. What should I do?

It's easy – participate in the community! There are many ways you can participate. You can write posts, help out other members, answer questions, show your love with kudos for other users and just be courteous.

Do this consistently for a year and chances are good you'll qualify for a nomination. If you don't get nominated by a DIRECTV Community Manager or another user, you can still become an ACE Achiever.

Once the nomination period opens up, just give yourself a pat on the back and nominate yourself!

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